I live in a boring city

Bio: Hullo there 🙂 I don't know why anyone would want to know anything about me but I'll just get to the point. - I love to read and maybe write a bit - I'm very shy at first .-. - I draw in my free time and let me tell you, my doodles are good, if you compare them to a 7 year old.. - Sometimes I blurt things out and I never mean them, so don't get all angry if I happen to say/type something idiotic - I managed to get an American and British accent 😀 Huzzah! - I curse a lot and it annoys me that it's actually hard for me to just bite my tongue once I started. - I like to sing and sometimes I subconsciously do it, it even gets awkward when I just blurt out a lyric in the middle of class but luckily I surround myself with morons, so no one actually hears me or anything (Except maybe that girl who gives me the evil eye) - I have trust issues which is bloody frustrating when I try to have new mates. I'm not going to tell you my whole life story (mainly because it's boring) so if you happen to stumble upon me make sure to be nice or at least talk civilly ;P

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